Underwater Pregnancy Session @ London Lido

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Pregnancy is an amazing experience & one you will cherish for ever. Those first nine months represent one of the most intense and exciting times in your life. The bump is the first visible sign of the incredible journey that motherhood is and the first appearance of your little one. Once your baby is born, life takes on a completely new rhythm and the memory of that initial stage soon fades away.

I love to photograph people because everyone is so different and unique. Although a pregnancy is something many women experience I believe that a  bump session is only meaningful if it focuses on the traits that make it special. My work is always very personal and not two sessions are the same. I want to capture my subjects in the most wholesome way and bring to life their personality. Here we have Clare who has a passion for swimming. She will go for a swim every morning before work & although she was 8th months pregnant when we took these shots she still swam every day at the London Fields Lido. We took our chance & plunged in this fantastic heated Olympic pool. Although it was quite busy we managed to get beautiful shots without disturbing the flow of dedicated swimmers. Clare’s bump now turned into a beautiful baby girl.



  1. gill maheu says:

    what a brilliant idea – and some gorgeous shots ! uniquely special to Clare – i love the couple shots at the end as well.

  2. Great idea and very unique- lovely original shots.

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